Gulpfile to transpile ES6 using babel and browserify

This was based off another Gist but I lost the link ūüė¶ I would have liked to¬†attribute and link


An Ubuntu based 3 node/machine ElasticSearch cluster using Vagrant and Virtualbox

Thought I’d share the development ElasticSearch cluster¬†I’ve been using lately.

Simply run “vagrant up” and it should auto-provision a 3 node ElasticSearch cluster.

Why 3 nodes on different VMs?

We wanted to make sure we had a similar setup to our production system.

Also, checking query results when using aggregations across shards because document counts are approximate. FYI: The Vagrant provisioning scripts set up 1 shard 2 replicas. You might want to change that if you want to see the shard/doc count quirk.





React – a sweet new javascript ui library

Just had a short run-thru of the tutorial for the React library by Facebook/Instagram.

I’m really liking the declarative approach. It’s nice and clean.

Going thru the tutorial, things felt very straightforward, sensible and apparent.

And, the docs are great!

It claims “ultra-high performance”¬†due to it’s virtual DOM diff implementation, which is very interesting for anyone who’s has run into performance issues when working with complex & large dataset client side applications.

Hopefully JSX syntax highlighting comes to Sublime Text soon.

I’m definitely keeping an eye on this project. It looks likely to become my preferred javascript UI framework in the near future.

React homepage or github

Nice and simple browser refreshing from within Sublime Text

Stumbled onto a Sublime Text plugin called Browser Refresh for Sublime Text.

Install it via Package Control, bind the refresh command and it’ll refresh the active window/tab in your browser(s)


ctrl+shift+r -> reloads last active firefox tab

No browser plugins. Just nice and simple.

At the time of writing this, the official github repo & package seems to be missing Linux functionality.

The issues list pointed me to this repo which seemed to work. Use at your own discretion.

I got Firefox reloading successfully from within Sublime Text 3 on Xubuntu 13.04
Chrome reloading didn’t work for me (would love more time to inspect why)