Free idea: Touchbase – Automatic, Intelligent way to keep in touch with friends

I have a new category for this blog, free ideas. These are ideas that I simply don’t have time to, or can’t implement but would love to see in the world.

Touchbase – Keep in touch with friends by automatically sending them messages like “hey, whats up?”.

The frequency is determined by a variety of factors.
Each contact you choose, you’ll need to rank: “close friend”, “friend”, “acquaintance”.
Then you need to set an “aggressiveness” level that determines how often Touchbase will touch base.

It will track how often someone has been sent a message. After a while, it will send them another from a pre canned list of messages so people dont get sent the same message.

Bonus points if this can integrate into facebook and/or your email to determine responses and communication levels to automatically adjust the touch base frequency.

Use case: With the rise of social networks, online communications and easier cosmopolitan lifestyles, its even easier to meet people.
However with increased Contacts, it’s harder to keep in touch with everyone on a regular basis to ensure a quality relationship.

Personally, I don’t think it would be great for keeping in touch with your close friends but it would be ideal for highly networked people to keep in touch with people they meet at conferences and stuff


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