Gulpfile to transpile ES6 using babel and browserify

This was based off another Gist but I lost the link ūüė¶ I would have liked to¬†attribute and link


An Ubuntu based 3 node/machine ElasticSearch cluster using Vagrant and Virtualbox

Thought I’d share the development ElasticSearch cluster¬†I’ve been using lately.

Simply run “vagrant up” and it should auto-provision a 3 node ElasticSearch cluster.

Why 3 nodes on different VMs?

We wanted to make sure we had a similar setup to our production system.

Also, checking query results when using aggregations across shards because document counts are approximate. FYI: The Vagrant provisioning scripts set up 1 shard 2 replicas. You might want to change that if you want to see the shard/doc count quirk.





ruby guard not seeing changes when saving in sublime text on linux

guard with guard-rspec wasn’t seeing any changes when saving files in sublime text 3

I’m running ubuntu 12.10 (xubuntu actually) over VirtualBox from a windows host.

A bit of a discussion on guard’s issue tracker seemed to highlight this issue for others to no avail.

A bit more googling and I accidentally stumbled onto this short post talking about atomic saves.

I set atomic_save to false in sublime’s user settings and it seems to work.


At what cost I wonder?