Delete all data from a Sql Server Db except the dbo._MigrationHistory table using Entity Framework.


ruby guard not seeing changes when saving in sublime text on linux

guard with guard-rspec wasn’t seeing any changes when saving files in sublime text 3

I’m running ubuntu 12.10 (xubuntu actually) over VirtualBox from a windows host.

A bit of a discussion on guard’s issue tracker seemed to highlight this issue for others to no avail.

A bit more googling and I accidentally stumbled onto this short post talking about atomic saves.

I set atomic_save to false in sublime’s user settings and it seems to work.


At what cost I wonder?


A fund focused on New Zealand technology companies

The Punakaiki Fund, led by some interesting folks, has recently appeared that will invest in New Zealand based technology, internet and design companies.

They did a pre-registration to gauge interest and according to their email, the response seems pretty good:

“Many thanks for registering your interest in Punakaiki Fund, contributing to a total of over $9 million from over 600 people. You have helped us demonstrate to the wider investor community and the public that there is real demand for Punakaiki Fund, and we thank you for that.”

It’s been covered by a bunch of the usual kiwi news outlets:

One thing I love about living here in London is the strong and vibrant technology scene. There are loads of workshops, meetup and events to go to every day.

I’m excited to see how this fund can foster more activity in the local NZ tech scene. 😀

Exciting times 😀

Check out the fairly detailed prospectus at

Perform distributed image processing, such as resizing, using an IPython cluster

I’m working on a project that needs to process a lot of images on a daily regular basis.
Each processing task makes use of SciPy and PIL and is fairly cpu and time intensive.

I thought I’d share a gist of the image resizing code and a highly simplified client.
Uses IPython.parallel to distribute processing onto a bunch of nodes.

(the production version will use an ipcluster in ssh mode)

A mixed ASP.Net MVC 4 and ServiceStack reference project

During my research time, I like to build little projects that attempt to model real-world requirements I usually have.

I’ve been researching how ASP.Net MVC and ServiceStack could live together by taking advantage of each others strengths.

ServiceStack has an “MVC PowerPack” which forms the basis of the project. I’ve been picking and choosing features from this and MVC.

Here’s the project I’ve been putting together. It’s Github readme will give you a detailed overview.